My vacation vibe is Sporty! :)

29 05 2007

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Your vacation vibe is Sporty

From surfing and hiking to kayaking and playing tennis, a real sport like you enjoys being active, even when you’re on vacation. While others are burning on the beach, you’d rather be burning calories and working up a sweat.

No couch potato, you take your enthusiastic approach to life wherever you go, especially when you’re on the road. That’s why a destination that’s got plenty to do is your best bet. Leave the pleasure cruises to other folks. For you, it’s all about getting out and about, whether you’re whooshing down a mountain, swishing in a river, or zipping along a trail. Sounds good, huh? Then, get going!

What’s Your Vacation Vibe?

heheh so me?


I’m moving to Chicago

28 05 2007

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Your city style match is Chicago

Just because it’s the windy city doesn’t mean it’s not sunny. And like Chicago, you’re a warm and welcoming person who’s sincere and down-to-earth. You’re a great friend who has both feet on the ground and a steady grip on reality.

Like your city style match, you’ve got a lot going for you — smarts, sweetness, and, of course, good taste. Lucky for you, Chicago’s got plenty to keep you busy and delight your senses, from blues clubs to great restaurants to the Magnificent Mile to Oprah. So pack your bags. Your sensible and sweet style has found its perfect match!

Which City Matches Your Style?

Yeehar!! I’m moving to Chicago babeh!! Who’s tagging along? heheh…

I’m an Outdoorsy Traveler

28 05 2007

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You’re an Outdoorsy Traveler

Climbing Machu Picchu. Windsurfing in the tropics. Shooting river rapids. When you’re traveling, it’s all about escaping to the outdoors. After all, taking part in life’s little adventures is what makes a vacation more of a getaway.

Of course you’ll head inside for a few hours to see what treasures museums, cathedrals, and historic sites hold. But you’d probably rather be hiking, skydiving, skiing, or just exploring the scenic offerings your destination boasts. Some fresh air and a new view are all you need to rejuvenate. Soak it up!

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Sporty and Outdoorsy… If it’s consistent it must be true right? heh. I like!