I’m Back!

4 02 2008

My last blog entry dates back to 28 October 2007!! Finds it kinda hard to believe how time flies!! It seemed like not long ago that I lost my car. Oh well, 3 months is not that long I guess…

Anyway, lots have happened in that 3 months.

Of course I no longer have a car and will not be buying one anytime soon, at least not this year. I once again feel the inconvenience of living in Malaysia and not having a car. It sure does limit my mobility. And at times like this, I wished I’m living in Singapore.

The reason I won’t be buying a car this year is because I’ll be based in Thailand most of the time. Well, if the project goes on schedule, I’ll be in Thailand about 3/4 of the year or maybe less. Will see how it goes.

Life in Thailand is really great. Apart from being away from my friends and family, I really can’t complain about anything else. The allowances are good, the accommodation is great, the food is fantastic, the people are interesting, the shopping is heavenly (not designer la) but oh I just thought of something I can complain about. The AIR!! It’s just soooo polluted! gosh… long term there will definitely shorten my life hehe…

Anyway, I’m just too lazy to blog these days or months 😛

I basically just upload photos on Facebook as it is really much simpler.
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Am on a break till Sunday the 10th, on which I’ll be heading back to the Land of Smiles 🙂

Sawadeeka and Laew phob gan mai!


The Great Singapore Sale

7 06 2007

*Warning: Quite an elaborate post

The little and highly dense island at the end of our Peninsula. For what it lacks in size, it makes up by building capable citizens, thus infamously known for its ‘kiasu-ism’, a termed coined to reflect the spirit of ‘I-must-not-lose-out’. Nevertheless, in all its glory, Singapore is truly a nation build on good values and it has its fun side if you know where to look.


Having obtained the Air Asia free flight during their 1 million promotion back in January, and pre-planning the trip to coincide with the Great Singapore Sale, I along with my buddy, Pot, headed down to Singapore. In brief, it was 3 days of walk walk walk to shop shop shop. We kinda screwed up our itinerary as we decided we needed more time to shop. heh. We had to throw out visiting the Singapore Zoo as we did not have enough time to shop 😛 . I know, some of you visit Singapore like it’s your lavatory but some not-so-fortunate people like me only visits it now-and-then (the last being Christmas 2 years ago). But the Singapore Zoo was supposed to rekindle childhood memories for Pot as the last time Pot visited the Zoo was slightly more than a decade ago hehe.


Anyway, in short, the GSS was awesome. Branded stuff – cheaper than KL. I spent about half of the cash I brought there on the first day and I had to budget on the second day to avoid begging for food on the third day hehe. And they have SO many malls! Nice ones too! Although KL and Selangor have many malls as well, but somehow most of it lacks in quality with the exception of that few popular ones like Mid Valley, 1U, KLCC and those at the Golden Triangle.
(photo inset: VivoCity, is Singapore’s latest mall – it’s bigger than MidValley and has 5 floors with many exciting shops 😀 ).

Difference between Singapore and Malaysia (1-8 = the reason I cinta Singapura):

1. Everywhere is well-connected via reliable MRT and bus services ( You can survive here without a car).
2. It’s a clean and vibrant city! I noticed the vast difference as soon as I crossed the border.
3. English is more widely used as compared to KL. (Seriously, I used to think it’s all Mandarin but I was wrong 😛 )
4. They are more tech savvy (in-a-way la). One very noticeable difference is that the kids/teenagers/young adults there carry portable video games everywhere! Maybe coz they travel on MRT alot.
5. They live life on the fast zone and they are obedient: they may be rushing but they do stop when the lights are red. (Being somewhat Malaysian at heart, a frequent question to Pot would be “Should we cross the road the Malaysian way?”. Haha coz there’s no car and yet the people are standing there waiting for the light to turn orge-color. But I know I can be fined for running across la).
6. It’s safe. We actually felt safe walking the streets at about 2am. The need for safety being one of humans’ greatest needs to be fulfilled, it felt good feeling safe. Not a luxury I enjoy in Malaysia.
7. Cost of living is way cheaper! Dollar-to-dollar, without converting, I could get a chicken chop rice for 3 dollar 50 cents! Also, their most expensive MRT ticket price is 1 dollar 70 cents. While I have to pay 3 ringgit 70 cents for one trip to KL. And they get discounts if they utilize the EzyLink card while we pay the same price (and risk being overcharged) when we use our Touch ‘n Go.

2.jpg 20.jpg

8. They have so many variety of food! Many international brands like Carl’s Jr and Ben and Jerry’s choose to open in Singapore and has yet to land on our shores. *Sad case*. Chocs are cheap! and lotsa variety!
update: Carl’s Jr is opening in 1 Utama!!
9. Almost everyone lives in flats. Understandable as its a highly populated city with scarce land.
10. Not many good looking bees and roses. Haha I know I’m bad but it’s true! Malaysia being a bigger nation has more good looking bees and roses. But Singaporeans are quite nice people la.
11. They are taxed on everything with their GST system.
12. Their ERP system (toll) only operates during peak hours unlike Malaysia where it’s 24/7.

Similarities between Singapore and Malaysia:

1. People in both countries rush into the train before the passengers in the train can exit.
2. They have their ‘assigned’ streets for Chinese, Indians and Malays. Otherwise called multicultural. Our Petaling Street is their Bugis Street. Minus the cursing when you’ve asked for a price quotation but do not buy.
3. We both have Megasales at the same time. Difference being Singapore attracting the Indian nationals and Malaysia attracting the Middle Easterners.
4. Roads get jammed up although not as bad as Malaysia.
5. No other similarities strike me.

And now for some random pics:

3.jpg 4.jpg

BRAVISSIMO 😀 : Italian Gelato .They have rare and yummy gelato flavours like Bailey’s, Rum and Raisin, D24 Durian! and Caramel. 1 cup = SGD 3.20



Fountain of Wealth @ Suntec City: The largest fountain in the world (they claim la)… and that’s me monkeying in front of the colorfully lit fountain 😛 .






DHL Hot Air Balloon: But there were no hot air. It’s powered by that rope turbine or whatever it’s called. The 3rd photo there is taken at 150m above ground level. SGD 23 per ride but Malaysians get to pay in Ringgit = RM 23. Just show your passport and embarkation pass.


And I got to visit MTV Asia’s office at Singapore! Woohoo!! Really loved their office.







On my way to Sentosa Island via Cable Car. Again, Malaysians get to pay in Ringgit at RM 10.90 for return tickets.






16.jpgSiloso Beach at Sentosa Island. Part of it was under maintenance when we were there.






Flying Trapeze at Sentosa Island. SGD 7 per try of about 4 swings. SGD 15 for 3 tries. I failed to hang upside down coz I couldn’t swing my legs up. Blame it on my weak arms. Sigh. But it was fun anyway.



Sky Ride and Luge at Sentosa Island. The luge is awesome FUN!! 😀 Sooo much more fun than go-kart! Sky Ride plus Luge at SGD 9 but flash your tourist pass and you get if for SGD 6 provided you ride them after 6pm.

So in a nutshell, that’s how I spent my 3 days in Singapore. Most of the time it was shopping so of coz not free to snap photos LOL.

And I shall visit Singapore soon enough I hope! 😀