Juz a ‘lil updates

18 09 2007

Noticed it’s been 2 weeks since my last entry.

Have been really busy these days. Mostly due to gyms and dinnersss (I’m sooo broke!!) on weekdays and the 30 hour famine camp on weekends. Btw, the Famine Camp was AWESOME!! It definitely deserves an entry on its own so I’ll write more on it when I get all the photos from those camera-people.

Also, the other thing that kept me busy was my venture into something small that over time will (hopefully) grow into something huge 🙂 .  Ladies, please check out Bags Fetish. Men, please refer your lady friends to Bags Fetish. Hehe thanks! 😀

That’s all for now.




Wow! It worked!

26 08 2007

I’m sure some of you would have read the email titled “4 things you never knew your handphone could do”, or something along that line. And one of the four things listed in it was that we could actually unlock our car doors via our handphone! Well, not exactly unlocking with your mobile, but more of using your mobile as a medium to unlock your car when you do not have your keys with you and the spare keys are at your home or with someone else. For those who have yet to read that email, I’m sure the question in your head is how exactly do I do that?

As per the email, these are the steps you should follow:
1. Call the person who has access to your car’s remote control.
2. Place your mobile phone about 1 inch from your car (door).
3. Tell that person to press the unlock button on your car’s remote control.
4. Your car should be unlocked.

It’s as simple as that! And guess what? It works!!

Was in Centrepoint, BU for dinner with Barry, Pot and the man. Was talking about whether this could work and we decided to test it out. So as Barry (without his car keys) went to his car which was parked at the basement in LG, the rest of us waited for his call at Ground Floor. Called he did, and we pressed the unlock button of the remote control over my phone’s speaker. First few times, nothing happened. Then suddenly after few tries, we heard the signal of his car’s doors being unlocked! Whoa! Super amazing weh! We tested it a few more times, lock and unlock cause we were just so amazed LOL. Thank God there were not many people around us cause we were being rather animated from excitement hehe.

If only I knew about this ‘trick’ way back in Uni days when I locked my keys in my car (yes, dumb dumb I know) and my parents had to drive 40 minutes to hand me the spare keys. Getting them to unlock my car over the phone would have taken 5 seconds or less. Damn. But it’s a really handy trick especially if you lock your keys in the car. Or if you went to grab something from your car only to realize that you left your keys at (for example) your office. Apart from this two scenarios, I don’t see how this trick will help, especially if you will need to drive the car once unlocking it. No key, car unlock, what’s the point? Unless you are McGyver la 😀

One word of advice though. Barry initially placed his phone about an inch away from his car’s door but it did not work. The best spot to place it would be on your car’s bonnet, as near as possible to the windscreen.

So these steps should work really fine:
1. Call the person who has access to your car’s remote control.
2. Place your mobile phone about 1 inch from your car (door). Place your mobile on your car’s bonnet (driver’s side) as close as possible to the windscreen.
3. Tell that person to press the unlock button on your car’s remote control.
4. Your car should be unlocked.

Happy trying! I find it really cool. Must be some wave transmission over the phone that enables it. Whoever have insights on this, do enlighten me 😀 . We were so excited about the testing that our parking ticket expired cause we did not exit within the allocated 20 minutes grace period.


And tomorrow is Monday. Have a great one!

Countdown to MERDEKA!! Yeah!

Little wonders…

21 08 2007


I know what I want

7 08 2007

I don’t normally write about my day or my job for that matter, but I just felt like updating a little about my career. Plus that it has been a pretty interesting day today.

So, where should I start…

Okay, for those not in the know, I am currently attached to a Bank under the Management Associate Program, whereby in a nutshell, the 10 of us in this 15 months program enjoy the privilege of rotating among various divisions within the Bank which are related to our core division (in my case, I’m anchored at Retail Commercial Banking Division). Without the slightest hint, it has been 1 year since I joined the Bank. Life @ work has been interesting so far. All the rotations could only mean that I do not have a fixed job function. In fact, my only job for this past year had been to learn and absorb all I can from the rotations. Not bad huh? Kinda like Uni, except I’m being paid. But of course, there are the occasional brain-dry a.k.a boredom sessions from having to float from division to division and living like a nomad with no permanent seating or PC!

Anyway, after 15 months of training, I am supposed to be permanently anchored to a unit within my division. However, 3 months to the end of our 15 months program, our Head of Division has decided to base us (me and another MA colleague) permanently in our unit of choice. Since chasing targets do not cause me to have an adrenalin rush, hence becoming a Marketing Manager or an Account Manager was a no-no for me. Thus, my only other option was to be in the Business and Strategic Planning Department. To which I chose to be in the Portfolio Management Unit. In brief, my life at work now revolves around figures, statistics, percentages, spreadsheets, analysis and analysis. Sounds interesting? Yea, I know how you feel. Almost everyone who knows what I do commented “Boring” or “It’s so not you”. And I know why. People see me as the one out there, running around and not staying in the office staring at the monitor 9 hours a day. And honestly, given a choice, I would have wanted to be in the Corporate Affairs Marketing Division- running events and campaigns for the Bank. But oh well, as much as they say that life is about choices, I found out that while it is true, it is not always true 🙂 . Yet, truth be told, it ain’t half bad. In fact, I find it pretty interesting. And I’m beginning to detest it when people walk pass my desk and ask if I’m having fun, in that ‘your-job-is-so-boring’ tone. Well, given the freedom to speak with apathy, I would have replied “Oh, what I’m doing is a thousand times more interesting than yours, which is cleaning up people’s shit 😉 “.

So rounding things up, I should mention that while being in PMU is my choice but not my ultimate wish, so far it has been pretty interesting. I have always enjoyed doing things with the computer, getting technical and putting my analytical mind to the test. And I’m getting to do all that and more in PMU. PMU in my division is a pretty young team and it is my HOD’s wish to strengthen the team. I do see potential in PMU and so despite what others think, I’m sticking to it! 🙂

Oh and today, work ended at 4.45pm due to power outage in the whole tower. In quite an instant, the uber-quiet office turned into a night market 😀

Also, I just wanna mention that I was inspired today by a friend. Something he said made me realise that I should start planning for my future seriously as in, stop focusing on having fun and thinking more about building assets. Well, I would not go into details, but let’s just say I now know what I want. Be it in career, life or relationships.

Sidetrack: As I blog, I’m watching ‘Evan Almighty’ and a line from the movie hit home. So often we hear people say that they want to change the world, even me myself. But people who says they wanna change the world often do not know where to start. The question is how or where do we start? Start with “One act of random kindness at a time” – so says God from Evan Almighty. 😀 ‘Evan Almighty’ is pretty much based on the story of Noah’s Ark from the Bible, with a twist of the modern world.

Funny yet sick?

9 07 2007

I can only imagine the horror this baby will express when he view this video in 15 years time. Got this video off Barry‘s blog. I really pity his cousin. But it sure is humorous! Well, at least the dog is very adorable. LOL.