Transformers transformed my mind on Transformers

12 07 2007

Ahhh so I’ve finally got myself updated. It’s like the ‘Transformers’ movie is a mandatory entry in every blog I visited since the movie was launched. No surprise that every entry relating to the Transformers are nothing but praises. Coz indeed, it was one heck of a cool show! That said, I would have enjoyed it more had I chosen a better time to watch the movie than after a long day at work. Coz I fell zzz for a couple of minutes prior to the discovery of the Cube. Sigh. I need to re-watch.

Nevertheless, from someone who said she had no interest in the show prior to the launch, and being adamant that she dislikes those ugly looking machines despite the guys going ‘goo-goo-gaa-gaa’ over it, I was transformed and decided to give the movie a shot after hearing everyone around me coo-ing over it!

As much as I know of the cartoon Transformers from during my childhood days, somehow, I was never much of a fan. Will it shock you that I did not know who Optimus Prime was? Heh. But now I do. And Optimus Prime is my second favourite after Bumble Bee!! How can anyone dislike Bumble Bee… so good looking as a car and as a Transformer. Not to mention, his heart is one made of gold. And after the movie, on my way home, I kept imagining and expecting the cars around me to transform 😀

Damn good looking right?

It’s what every leader should be 😛 Go Autobots!

Bumble Beeeee