The demise of a loved one

28 10 2007

To those who knew him, to those who traveled near and far with him and to those who have seen him through thick and thin. It’s now time to let him go.

As I bid farewell to my beloved SLK 2594, would appreciate your little acts of condolences. The ambassador of Wah Lai Toi will soon leave us for good.


Make no mistakes my fellow comrades, the demise of SLK was not of my doing. Instead, it was the irresponsible action of a 19 year old who had no sense of direction in the state of Melaka that caused SLK to be classified as ‘total loss’. (Yes, it does not seem bad enough to be classified as ‘total loss’ but I’m praying it will be 😛 ) This 19 year old who was hungry as a ghost at 6.30am decided to go hunting for food in the town of Melaka. Little did this 19 year old realized that the road this 19 year old was on, was in fact a one-way street and this 19 year old was heading in the wrong direction! And coming right up to SLK was a STORM! SLK vs. STORM. SLK could only scream in horror as both SLK and STORM collided.

The idiotic 19 year old survived with 32 stitches on his hand. But sadly, SLK’s injuries was more severe. Whether or not SLK will be classified as a ‘total loss’, SLK will not return to me. SLK has served me for almost 4 years and I will never forget the ups and downs we have gone through together. Just like you will always remember your first love, Small Little Kelisa was my first car.

*sobs sobs* Emotions running uncontrollably. How do you bid farewell to someone so dear?
How? How? How?




Ahh ok cut the crap. It’s all perfect timing. It’s time for a Toyota. Vios? Altis? or Camry? LOL. JK.

Let’s be silent for 1 minute as a sign of last respect to my faithful friend.




One response

31 10 2007
aron wong

aiyoooo!!! kasihan!!!! vios alot people wanna curi wow~

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