The demise of a loved one

28 10 2007

To those who knew him, to those who traveled near and far with him and to those who have seen him through thick and thin. It’s now time to let him go.

As I bid farewell to my beloved SLK 2594, would appreciate your little acts of condolences. The ambassador of Wah Lai Toi will soon leave us for good.


Make no mistakes my fellow comrades, the demise of SLK was not of my doing. Instead, it was the irresponsible action of a 19 year old who had no sense of direction in the state of Melaka that caused SLK to be classified as ‘total loss’. (Yes, it does not seem bad enough to be classified as ‘total loss’ but I’m praying it will be 😛 ) This 19 year old who was hungry as a ghost at 6.30am decided to go hunting for food in the town of Melaka. Little did this 19 year old realized that the road this 19 year old was on, was in fact a one-way street and this 19 year old was heading in the wrong direction! And coming right up to SLK was a STORM! SLK vs. STORM. SLK could only scream in horror as both SLK and STORM collided.

The idiotic 19 year old survived with 32 stitches on his hand. But sadly, SLK’s injuries was more severe. Whether or not SLK will be classified as a ‘total loss’, SLK will not return to me. SLK has served me for almost 4 years and I will never forget the ups and downs we have gone through together. Just like you will always remember your first love, Small Little Kelisa was my first car.

*sobs sobs* Emotions running uncontrollably. How do you bid farewell to someone so dear?
How? How? How?




Ahh ok cut the crap. It’s all perfect timing. It’s time for a Toyota. Vios? Altis? or Camry? LOL. JK.

Let’s be silent for 1 minute as a sign of last respect to my faithful friend.


Bitten by the travel bug

27 10 2007

Traveling really spoils you.

I’m now struggling with the after-effect of the travelbug syndrome. It makes me lazy. It makes me nostalgic. It makes me detest returning to the normalcy of life.

Worse still when upon touch down at LCCT, I received a call from my superior that I have to settle something this weekend and have it ready by Monday. Sucky way to end 8 days of awesome travel eh?

Nevertheless, life goes on and this is reality. Will definitely cook up a better entry on my travels to Hong Kong, Macau and Kota Kinabalu upon receiving the other half of the photos from my travel buddy. (Realized I did not write an entry on the 30 hour famine camp as informed. Am just too lazy heh).

Till next weekend,


17 10 2007

2 more days! Yea yea yea!!
There’s no denying! I’m born to be a globe trotter! I’m born to trail the earth… to every nook and cranny… to every igloo and teepee… to every river and valley… and to my bed where I shall continue to dream.

I’m a citizen of the world. My world is flat.

p.s.: Awhile ago I got a SMS from AirAsia notifying me of the FOUR HOURS DELAY of my flight from Macau to KK. Damn. I’m not sure if I should commend them for their 8 days early notice or to scream at them for screwing up my plans.

That said, I’m glad I paid peanuts for the air tickets of this trip. So I shall bite my tongue and 🙂 and I shall not let this delay spoil my excitement. Woohoo!!!!

I lurrrve October!! So much buzzzzz…

Protected: Four Letters

15 10 2007

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Protected: Victim of an Untold Story

7 10 2007

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Make a difference, Go the distance

7 10 2007


Ran my first 10KM run this morning and boy, do I feel goood!!

This charity run in support of the AIDS Foundation was held at the Taman Perhutanan Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam and it was one hell of a terrain. There were so many uphills!!!!!!! It was really painful having to endure those uphill moments. Your body will want to run up, yet you realize that your momentum is more like walking. It seriously makes not much of a difference whether you run or walk.

Prior to the run, I tried running on trademills for like 5km and out of the 3 times I tried, I failed all 3 times in reaching the 5km mark. Amazingly though, today it was a breeze! Well, not exactly, considering those uphill pains, but it did help that I had a supportive companion to push me along.

Am pretty glad with my result as I clocked in at 1 hour 10 mins. Not a great time but well, it’s my first and I just wanted to see how fit I am compared to the last time I ran the 5KM e-run in Uni. And YES, I can say I’m as fit as a bull now as compared to last time 😀

I think these runs could be addictive and I know that this will not be my last 10KM run. I shall attempt to win a medal in 10KM runs before progressing to 15KM runs 😀 . Hopefully I’ll win a medal for a 10KM run soon, then I can strike it off from my list of things to do before 30 hehe.

As for now,  I can only pray that my legs will not fail me tomorrow 😐
Will be off to Singapore in a couple of days. Finally, I’m being sent to somewhere out of Malaysia for training! Realized that it’s already October and this blog is still stucked in September. Time is so precious these days.

Till my next free moment,
Take care and toodles!

p/s: They may be wrong, but apparently along the way, us runners did pass by the place where Altantuya got exploded. I feel goosebumps on my skin just thinking about it. Creepy.