Serenity from within

4 09 2007



 Photo courtesy of my cousin, Jezza T




4 responses

7 09 2007

Looks more like calm before the storm…. 😛

8 09 2007

😀 Well, it does. It goes to show that despite the storm outside, I am at peace and calm inside. Therefore I can just lay back and enjoy the scenery hehe… (and pray that the storm does not wash me away) 😛

12 09 2007
Lim Vi Vien

esther !!!! Oh gosh ! I cant believe I found your blog in such a coincidence !
Do you still remember me? vivien?? erm erm, in alpha, i think i met u, we played squash before….*i think*

I was googling ” UOB management associate program” -the uob website has closed the link to this program ( im really interested to join )

and guess what , ur post on MA forum came up as the 4th link ! (not bad !)
so i read that post, and was really eager to contact this esther person to know more about the MA program ( im really really interested )

then i saw another post on Convocation, as i read the post u said u’re an ex MMU student (so i tot, high chance i might know u ! ) -btw, i was there during the convo, for my graduation of cuz 😛

when i saw the pictures, i was so shocked ! hahaha, it was YOU !

anyway, if you dont mind, i would seriously love to hear more about this MA program from you (big puss-in-boots-from-shrek eyes) pleassseee?
eg : will they recruit again in 2008?

laterz !!!!!!

20 09 2007

wow esther, can open fan club liao 😛

p/s: harlo vivien 😀

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