When your world falls apart…

22 09 2007

will you cry?

will you be angry?

will you fear?

or will you just be stoned-cold?

It scares me that I’m not scared.


when doubt turns to worry.

when worry turns to fear.

when fear turns to tears.

when tears turn to apathy.


Juz a ‘lil updates

18 09 2007

Noticed it’s been 2 weeks since my last entry.

Have been really busy these days. Mostly due to gyms and dinnersss (I’m sooo broke!!) on weekdays and the 30 hour famine camp on weekends. Btw, the Famine Camp was AWESOME!! It definitely deserves an entry on its own so I’ll write more on it when I get all the photos from those camera-people.

Also, the other thing that kept me busy was my venture into something small that over time will (hopefully) grow into something huge 🙂 .  Ladies, please check out Bags Fetish. Men, please refer your lady friends to Bags Fetish. Hehe thanks! 😀

That’s all for now.



Serenity from within

4 09 2007



 Photo courtesy of my cousin, Jezza T