Malaysia’s Golden Jubilee

31 08 2007

50th Malaysia National Day logo

Happy 50th Merdeka Malaysia!

Counted down at MIFC, Putrajaya. Was there 3 hours earlier, took 2.5 hours to reach home, almost slammed into a car and a lorry, not to mention almost hitting many dividers coz I was super sleepy from only 4 hours sleep the night before, but ah, it was all worth it.

One word is enough to sum up the 20 minutes fireworks performance from Japan:


It was definitely nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Those people with their cameras on their tripods made me feel kinda wasted that I did not have a good camera with me. Had to make do with my sad camera phone 😐 But it was better than nothing-lah! These are the best I could snap.


I love how the sparks lingers and kinda slowly falls to the ground…
It’s like many meteor rains pouring down!


They were shooting heart shapes, planets, stars and many different designs!



The grand finale!




Was walking around searching for lavatories when we met a few cows from other countries. There were about 22 cows from 22 different countries. They must have had some Cow Convention or something. The photo most right above shows a cow bearing the advice: Milk is good for you. (Yes, I know, but I still dislike milk 🙂 )

We took like a 20-30 minutes stroll from PICC to the government buildings not-so-nearby to hunt for a loo despite there being portable mobile toilets located around the area. So why the 20 minutes stroll? This is why.


It was the longest queue to pee I’ve ever seen! The queue went right up to the road.
One of the pee-ers commented: “Memori indah ni. Beratur untuk kencing”. Obviously it came from a guy coz as we know, guys rarely need to queue to pee, unlike us ladies 😉


Oh and I must mention that the architectural design of the government buildings are something we should be proud of. Again, sad sad coz no cam. Did not realize we had such cool structures and layouts here in Malaysia. Call me ‘the frog under the husk’ but I bet 50% or more of the thousand of people there would not have visited Putrajaya for ‘no special reason’.

Happy 50th Merdeka!

Say YES to harmony, unity and trust.

God bless Malaysia!

Just a 2.5 minute clip out of the 7 miutes that I took on the fireworks. Not as impactful as it was watching it live. But again, better than nothing-lah! 😛 (Watch it all or Fast forward to the last 1 minute for the best part of the clip 😉 )





2 responses

2 09 2007

Haha…you really changed it! Now it looks much much more better with the 50th Malaysia Gemilang instead of the flag 😀

Nice shotting with only a normal bios camera phone, hehe. Of all I like the love sharp only. Hope can get it in the market and use it for my proposal…! haha

2 09 2007

hahah yes Barry I removed the flag which you said was ugly! You’re so gonna masuk ISA for saying it’s ugly hahaha (oops! shhh) Thanks for your suggestion though!

As for the love shape fireworks, you can definitely get it, its just a matter of how much $$$ are u willing to burn to give your wife the perfect proposal hahaha 😛

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