24 08 2007

Backdated post.

On the 12th of August 07, MMU had its 8th convocation which was spread out over 3 days! I pity our chancellor,Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. She really looked like she’s gonna break (hehe).

Anyway, this convo kinda reminded me of mine. Not much changes to the campus since I last visited it 1 year ago during my convo. Except well, there’s a freakin’ pool and stadium!! Why do I ALWAYS missed out on good stuff like this. Apart from the more carnival-like atmosphere, I would say that last year’s convo was more interesting. For two reasons. It was MY convo and the weather was superb compared to their dreary rainy day hehe.

Anyway, Photos time! Some from my convo and some from this year’s. (I just don’t want this year’s graduating batch to steal all the limelight hehe).

I shall start with a few photos from my good ol’ days πŸ˜€


Up goes the mortarboards. Woohoo!!


My evil second brother, Jesse-ca.


Partners-in-crime. We have one thing in common in this photo. Our eyes hehe.
Check it out. Click to enlarge πŸ˜›


She’s the MAN!! haha my MANly sista, Mandy!


Dr. Cheng! She taught the only other subject which I apply in my work. Econometrics, and stats being the other hehe.

Ahh and now we move on to this year’s convo…


My balding third bro, Franus


My scrawny fourth bro, William/Keith (He can’t decide which is better LOL)




and another Darren!! (below)




Sim City! hehe…



Jee Wei, the guy who went MIA for awhile.



Jasmine (left), the gal who zoooomed back to Seremban in an instance. Glad we caught you. (And I wonder why am I in the middle when she’s the graduate)


Sher Ling. Her convo was on the day before but she brought her robe to the next convo day to snap with her friends haha.


My girlfriends, people whom you can’t live without πŸ™‚

Snapped with a few others but I’m too tired to upload now.


Nights πŸ˜‰






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