Congratulated for the weirdest reason

10 08 2007

Today, as I stood talking to his secretary, my boss came to me and said “I would like to congratulate you for wearing skirt”.

*I don’t know if I should laugh or faint at his crappiness*.

He’s one weird boss. His reason for congratulating me was that its very rare to see me in skirt.

Sometimes I just hate wearing skirt because of the attention (Yes, I like to keep a low profile πŸ˜› ). Somehow, someone is bound to say “Wah Esther wear skirt today” or “You should wear skirt more often” or “You look more feminine in skirt”. What, wearing skirt once a week is not enough? heh. I know that wearing pants makes me look rather boyish. No idea why it’s that way on me but on most ladies it seemed fine. 😐

My usual reply to wearing skirts more frequent is that I wear skirts only when I have the mood. And that usually happens when I am so fed up of office-wear. Wearing a skirt gives me more freedom to dress down yet seem presentable.

Anyway, this is just a pointless no objective crappy Friday post posted at 11.56pm with my eyes half shut.


Nitezzzz πŸ™‚




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