Malaysia’s Golden Jubilee

31 08 2007

50th Malaysia National Day logo

Happy 50th Merdeka Malaysia!

Counted down at MIFC, Putrajaya. Was there 3 hours earlier, took 2.5 hours to reach home, almost slammed into a car and a lorry, not to mention almost hitting many dividers coz I was super sleepy from only 4 hours sleep the night before, but ah, it was all worth it.

One word is enough to sum up the 20 minutes fireworks performance from Japan:


It was definitely nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Those people with their cameras on their tripods made me feel kinda wasted that I did not have a good camera with me. Had to make do with my sad camera phone 😐 But it was better than nothing-lah! These are the best I could snap.


I love how the sparks lingers and kinda slowly falls to the ground…
It’s like many meteor rains pouring down!


They were shooting heart shapes, planets, stars and many different designs!



The grand finale!




Was walking around searching for lavatories when we met a few cows from other countries. There were about 22 cows from 22 different countries. They must have had some Cow Convention or something. The photo most right above shows a cow bearing the advice: Milk is good for you. (Yes, I know, but I still dislike milk 🙂 )

We took like a 20-30 minutes stroll from PICC to the government buildings not-so-nearby to hunt for a loo despite there being portable mobile toilets located around the area. So why the 20 minutes stroll? This is why.


It was the longest queue to pee I’ve ever seen! The queue went right up to the road.
One of the pee-ers commented: “Memori indah ni. Beratur untuk kencing”. Obviously it came from a guy coz as we know, guys rarely need to queue to pee, unlike us ladies 😉


Oh and I must mention that the architectural design of the government buildings are something we should be proud of. Again, sad sad coz no cam. Did not realize we had such cool structures and layouts here in Malaysia. Call me ‘the frog under the husk’ but I bet 50% or more of the thousand of people there would not have visited Putrajaya for ‘no special reason’.

Happy 50th Merdeka!

Say YES to harmony, unity and trust.

God bless Malaysia!

Just a 2.5 minute clip out of the 7 miutes that I took on the fireworks. Not as impactful as it was watching it live. But again, better than nothing-lah! 😛 (Watch it all or Fast forward to the last 1 minute for the best part of the clip 😉 )



Wow! It worked!

26 08 2007

I’m sure some of you would have read the email titled “4 things you never knew your handphone could do”, or something along that line. And one of the four things listed in it was that we could actually unlock our car doors via our handphone! Well, not exactly unlocking with your mobile, but more of using your mobile as a medium to unlock your car when you do not have your keys with you and the spare keys are at your home or with someone else. For those who have yet to read that email, I’m sure the question in your head is how exactly do I do that?

As per the email, these are the steps you should follow:
1. Call the person who has access to your car’s remote control.
2. Place your mobile phone about 1 inch from your car (door).
3. Tell that person to press the unlock button on your car’s remote control.
4. Your car should be unlocked.

It’s as simple as that! And guess what? It works!!

Was in Centrepoint, BU for dinner with Barry, Pot and the man. Was talking about whether this could work and we decided to test it out. So as Barry (without his car keys) went to his car which was parked at the basement in LG, the rest of us waited for his call at Ground Floor. Called he did, and we pressed the unlock button of the remote control over my phone’s speaker. First few times, nothing happened. Then suddenly after few tries, we heard the signal of his car’s doors being unlocked! Whoa! Super amazing weh! We tested it a few more times, lock and unlock cause we were just so amazed LOL. Thank God there were not many people around us cause we were being rather animated from excitement hehe.

If only I knew about this ‘trick’ way back in Uni days when I locked my keys in my car (yes, dumb dumb I know) and my parents had to drive 40 minutes to hand me the spare keys. Getting them to unlock my car over the phone would have taken 5 seconds or less. Damn. But it’s a really handy trick especially if you lock your keys in the car. Or if you went to grab something from your car only to realize that you left your keys at (for example) your office. Apart from this two scenarios, I don’t see how this trick will help, especially if you will need to drive the car once unlocking it. No key, car unlock, what’s the point? Unless you are McGyver la 😀

One word of advice though. Barry initially placed his phone about an inch away from his car’s door but it did not work. The best spot to place it would be on your car’s bonnet, as near as possible to the windscreen.

So these steps should work really fine:
1. Call the person who has access to your car’s remote control.
2. Place your mobile phone about 1 inch from your car (door). Place your mobile on your car’s bonnet (driver’s side) as close as possible to the windscreen.
3. Tell that person to press the unlock button on your car’s remote control.
4. Your car should be unlocked.

Happy trying! I find it really cool. Must be some wave transmission over the phone that enables it. Whoever have insights on this, do enlighten me 😀 . We were so excited about the testing that our parking ticket expired cause we did not exit within the allocated 20 minutes grace period.


And tomorrow is Monday. Have a great one!

Countdown to MERDEKA!! Yeah!


24 08 2007

Backdated post.

On the 12th of August 07, MMU had its 8th convocation which was spread out over 3 days! I pity our chancellor,Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. She really looked like she’s gonna break (hehe).

Anyway, this convo kinda reminded me of mine. Not much changes to the campus since I last visited it 1 year ago during my convo. Except well, there’s a freakin’ pool and stadium!! Why do I ALWAYS missed out on good stuff like this. Apart from the more carnival-like atmosphere, I would say that last year’s convo was more interesting. For two reasons. It was MY convo and the weather was superb compared to their dreary rainy day hehe.

Anyway, Photos time! Some from my convo and some from this year’s. (I just don’t want this year’s graduating batch to steal all the limelight hehe).

I shall start with a few photos from my good ol’ days 😀


Up goes the mortarboards. Woohoo!!


My evil second brother, Jesse-ca.


Partners-in-crime. We have one thing in common in this photo. Our eyes hehe.
Check it out. Click to enlarge 😛


She’s the MAN!! haha my MANly sista, Mandy!


Dr. Cheng! She taught the only other subject which I apply in my work. Econometrics, and stats being the other hehe.

Ahh and now we move on to this year’s convo…


My balding third bro, Franus


My scrawny fourth bro, William/Keith (He can’t decide which is better LOL)




and another Darren!! (below)




Sim City! hehe…



Jee Wei, the guy who went MIA for awhile.



Jasmine (left), the gal who zoooomed back to Seremban in an instance. Glad we caught you. (And I wonder why am I in the middle when she’s the graduate)


Sher Ling. Her convo was on the day before but she brought her robe to the next convo day to snap with her friends haha.


My girlfriends, people whom you can’t live without 🙂

Snapped with a few others but I’m too tired to upload now.


Nights 😉



At Peace

22 08 2007



Little wonders…

21 08 2007


Dogs gone wild

19 08 2007


If only I had a video cam to capture the moment, you could see what I meant. Sadly, all I had at that point in time was my poor quality camera phone.

Anyway, here are some snapshots of some chaotic moments that do not seem chaotic in these photos 😛


Straight up! National Anthem playing in the background?
Take One: Princess on the left, Angel on the right


Princess wasn’t very happy with the arrangement and so …

Take Two: They switched places..

If only they are really that obedient as to stand up when the National Anthem is played…

In reality, what caught their attention was this:


Baby Tiger creeping on the couch!


Awwh he’s just so terrified of those two monsters…

But I guess he’ll get used to them eventually…
Like all the other cats at my home 🙂
Welcome Tiger!


How I’ve changed…

18 08 2007

As I sit here with a growling stomach, wondering if breakfast would ever arrive, I decided to surf Friendster and reminisce the past by looking back on the past testimonials that have been written about me. Friendster used to be such a hype and it still is among the kiddies (heh) but as I survive more days, it is fast becoming something of the past (although it is still a site I visit when I’m bored). Nevertheless, for a moment just now, I felt that Friendster has indeed played a positive role in enabling friends to recognize and show their appreciation for another friend. So many of us only tend to say the good stuff about someone at his/her funeral. But isn’t that like talking to the wall? I really wonder why do we bother saying the good stuff at someone’s funeral when all it does is make the family of the deceased more depressed for having to say farewell to someone who is ‘that nice’. So in that sense, Friendster has successfully build a bridge for friends to convey true positive feelings to their friends while they are still alive. A good move as we are living in a society where we are not as vocal about our feelings as the people in our western counterparts are.

And I realized I’ve diverge too much from the Title.

Back to it. Reading those testimonials, I sense the consistency in almost all of it. If so many people observes the same thing, does that make it true? Those testimonials made me felt good about myself, just like testimonials should. And I felt like I really love being that person they wrote about. But somehow, I see that person as a third-person. They spoke about her being energetic, fun-loving, humorous, a prankster, kind, caring, not easily angered and what-nots.

These days, while I’m not usually tired even after work, I would not say that my life is full of energy. These days, while I still care about people close to my heart, I do not really take the effort to ‘kepo’ aka care about others. These days, while I still am not easily angered when I get teased, I have retaliated twice within a month. I no longer pull pranks. People says I’ve grown up. I say I’ve gone boring 😦 and I don’t find myself humorous. The only constant would be that I still love playing more than working. Maybe work has changed me. I don’t know – quick sidetrack: I always say ‘I don’t know’ when I’m confused. I realized I’ve not said ‘I don’t know’ in a loooong time. That’s a Yippie 😀 but the fact that I said ‘I don’t know’ now means I’m kinda lost. Sigh.

As I continue living, I began to understand myself deeper. Yet, I realized that I am but an unstable matter. While there are two sides to a coin, I discovered that I am the same. At times I can appear so excited, so energetic, so talkative, so motivating. But flip the coin and you will find me being so quiet, so serious, so apathy, so unresponsive. For the record, I do not have a moody persona, at least no one ever told me I am emo 🙂 , but these days, I find myself being kinda serious and less sociable within the proximity of work space. Sigh.

Out of office is my favourite time of any day. The freedom to be me. The freedom to jump hop skip and play like a monkey without a care about what professionalism crap image is all about. Some people love the professional office lady look and I was like that till recently. I used to be the person who would be agitated if I do not like what I think is cool (i.e pro image). But now, I have no qualms accepting and saying that I’m not that kinda person. After all, while the packaging of an ice cream is what sells, at the end of the day, you still have to find the flavour within that really suits you 🙂 . I believe you can never go wrong by being true to yourself.

Friends I’ve acquired from my childhood right up to my uni days who have seen me in my craziest acts and do not judge me are the very people I love being around. No monkey business, no games, just plain sincere friendships.

Apart from that,

Everything is just an act.

P/S: Make no mistake, I’m not unhappy at work. I just feel that it is sometimes a tad too serious for me. And it could eat me alive if I’m not careful.

Cheers! It’s time to break fast 😉