Your Weekend, Their life…

21 07 2007

When was the last time you were so hungry you ate a rotten banana?
When was the last time you worked your ass off just to buy rats to cook for dinner?
When was the last time you were so thirsty you drank the water from the stream despite it being flooded with Guinea worms?

To every question above, I bet your answer would be ‘Never‘.

And by saying ‘Never‘, you are luckier than more than 850 million people around the world who are living in poverty each and every second of their lives.

For that 850 million people, eating a rotten banana and drinking water with Guinea worm lava in it scarcely explains what they go through to only barely survive each day. A Guinea worm lava could last up to 1 year in a human’s stomach, after which it will crawl down to a person’s leg or feet and form a lump. The worm will then try to find its way out of the person’s leg and will eventually tear through the person’s skin. The pain from the burst of the skin due to the ‘activity’ of the worm is unimaginable. Yet, the children in Africa drinks the water because it’s their only source of water. 4,500 children die each day from unsafe drinking water. How can you help?

Today, I attended the volunteer’s training for World Vision’s 30-Hour Famine Camp to be held on 15-16 Sept 2007. 700 volunteers rendered their support, time and energy to ensure that the 30-Hour Famine Camp would run smoothly. It is indeed the first time I’m participating in such a large scale event and I believe it will be rewarding. We were brought to realization the state of poverty over 850 million people around the world are in. Through videos, games and talks, we were pulled out of our comfortable lives and zoomed in to feel, just for a moment, how these people living in poverty feels each day. Yet, I know that what we felt was nothing as compared to their reality.

30 Hour Famine is a global movement against hunger. Like what it implies, the camp participants forgo solid food for 30 hours. And because this year it is World Vision’s 10th anniversary in Malaysia, the Famine will be held in Bilingual (English and Chinese) for the first time. Previously 2000 participants attended the Chinese Famine Camp while about 600 attended the English Famine Camp. This time around, WV is targeting 5,000 participants.

Throughout the camp, participants will experience hunger pangs like never before. Nevertheless, that aside, participants will set to gain and understand deeper the lives of those less fortunate through activities like games, videos, quiz-shows and short-talks. Apart from that, there will also be a movie screening and a concert at night. Celebrities like Fish Leong, Daniel Lee, Nicholas Teo, Francissca Peter, Juwita Soweto and Sarimah Ibrahim are expected to grace the stage for a good cause. One thing is for sure, the participants will bring home a different perspective on life.

So often we talk about the hunger of the children of Africa. So nonchalantly we tend to say “Think of the kids in Africa” each time someone wastes their food. We know, we pity, yet we act not. Touching nearer to home, it is somewhat hard to believe that 16% of the people in Sabah are living in poverty. 21% of the children there are not given education. The next poorest state is Kelantan. Seeing how much our country has developed (with our 1st – 9th Malaysian Plans to eradicate poverty and all), it came as somewhat a surprise to me. These people mostly live in villages. Not many know about them, not many care enough to know.


The theme for this year’s 30 Hour Famine is ‘Hungry for Hope’.
What can you do to bring hope to the hungry?

If you would like to know more about the camp, or would like to participate, please direct your web browser to: 30 Hour Famine – Hungry for Hope


We wake up thinking what to eat.
They wake up thinking if they would eat.

Be grateful for all that you have.

Make a difference, today.







2 responses

23 07 2007

Thank you for your view. We will link to you in the hopes of more reading and understanding what you are saying. Namaste.

29 07 2007

quite surpise me you also know about this camp. 😛 i don’t know 30-Hour Famine got englsih version also… paiseh paiseh.. hehe…
good post! can let more people know about this… Anyway, we grad for more than 1 year dee hor… seem like u still continue execute your ‘duty’ as a Care Club’s board.. Good job, kiap kiap kiap… \:D/

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