20 07 2007

It’s already the 20th day of the 7th month in the year two-thousand-seven.

As quick as a lightning bolt, we bade farewell to slightly more than half a year.

Now, as I take a moment to update my lifelog, I realize that time really sneaked by me and not once had I paused to reflect and ponder on how the year has been thus far.

I did not make any new year’s resolution this year as like most people, I’m not very good at making it come true. Therefore, as unambitious and unfocused as it’s gonna sound, I shall just say that I started the year without any goals or aim.

Nevertheless, along the way things do happen and obliviously, my goals for the year were formed. As I reflect on what I have achieved thus far, I gather that there is really nothing much yet and all the more I realize how short of a time I have. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Yet, I do not feel the urgency as of now. Thus making this point, pointless.

Anyway, am gonna highlight 10 of the events that impacted me one way or another. And I want to remember them (as insignificant as some may seem) when I look back in future. It took me quite awhile to recall as I am a Dory 😛 :

1. I bought web hostings for 6 websites. Out of which I do not yet know what to do with 4 😀 Any ideas?
2. I abseiled, played archery and camped for the first time in a freezing cold jungle – Genting.
3. I had a blast organizing the UOB MA Forum 2007 with my batch of MAs.
4. I was determined to make a difference in this world (heh) and volunteered for a charity event without my friends. Something I’ve never done. But am glad that 2 of my friends decided to join me later 🙂
5. I had my hair cut to slightly above shoulder length. Something I last did 2 years ago.
6. I adopted my 3rd dog who was mistakenly named Princess. (Hantu sial!)


7. I managed to catch the Mix FM Mega Shopaholic.
8. I tried Carl’s Jr. and Ben and Jerry’s for the first time in Singapore 😛 (too yummy not to highlight)
9. I felt first hand what it is like to be broke and in debt because of impulse shopping. LOL. I will make sure it never happens again 😀
10. Lotsa incidents took placed that made me realized how much stronger I’ve grown emotionally. And am beginning to grow spiritually too 🙂

And the highlights I hope to see before the end of 2007:

1. Enlightening trip to Hong Kong, Macau and KK.
2. Satisfaction from having participate in the biggest 30-hr famine event ever organized.
3. A completion and a breakthrough in my ‘project’.
4. A rewarding increment upon confirmation 😀
5. A positive change in the condition of a close-relative.
6. Debt-free 🙂

Biggest lessons learned so far:
1. There is no price-tag to friendship.
2. Be grateful even in the littlest thing.

All things are possible with God! 🙂