Mix FM Mega Shopaholic

1 07 2007

Yeeeeeharrrr!!! For those in the dark, a little background before I share my excitement πŸ˜›

Since June 25th, Mix FM has been running this contest called ‘MIX FM MEGA SHOPAHOLIC’ in conjunction with our Mega Sale. This contest is sponsored by Tourism Malaysia and this is how its played. Basically, a shopaholic will be out shopping at any malls in Malaysia and she’ll call in to Mix FM to give hints on her whereabouts. Based on those hints, you’re supposed to hunt her down and ask her this question ‘Are you the Mix FM Mega Shopaholic?’. If she says yes, you’ll get RM 800 if you found her before she revealed the 2nd hint and RM 500 if she’s found after the 2nd hint. Oh and Maxis subscribers get additional RM 250 in shopping vouchers!! Cool right?

It gets cooler. Know why? Coz I WON!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!!

It was a crazy Saturday, on June 30th. With my dear friend Jamie who just returned from India, we both started the day with the intention of hunting for the shopaholic. And boy, we sure did chased and hunted! Was on the way to Subang, and was nearing Shah Alam when the clue from the Shopaholic came on air on Mix FM. She was in Bukit Raja Shopping Centre!! That’s in Klang!! Thank God we were near the Shah Alam roundabout and so I made a spin at it and sped all the way back to Klang. Reached JJ in 10 minutes. Yay! Hopefully no summons. Once arrived at JJ, I parked my car by the road leaving Jamie to manage the car while I ran off inside to hunt for the Shopaholic. Spotted her right on as I already knew what I’m looking for and charged towards her immediately when I saw her. Asked her the question I did and Yippee the rest is history. RM 800 plus RM 250 JJ shopping vouchers. Split the cash with Jamie as it really was a team effort. RM 400 bucks richer in less than half an hour πŸ˜€ So happy!! If I were a few seconds slower, another guy would have got to the Shopaholic first. Really thank God for the extra dough. Now I don’t have to save money for my Deuter bag. YAAAY!!! hehe.

Shopaholic Close-Encounters:

1. I should mention that I’ve been hunting for the Shopaholic everyday ‘after’ work since Wednesday, June 27. I’ve hunted for her in BB Plaza, Times Square, and almost to Atria but did not get there on time thanks to the dumb jam. I actually found the shopaholic on Wednesday itself! At BB Plaza!! But sadly, I did not trust my gut feeling and did not approach the lady. Else I would have gotten RM 500 on that day. Too bad.

2. Subang Parade on Saturday, June 30 again. This game is played 2 sessions per day. I managed to find her in JJ during the 1st session. And I predicted that she would go to Subang Parade[SP] for the 2nd session judging from the way she asked me how far is Subang from Klang, etc. And so Jamie and I loitered at SP awaiting the 1st hint for the 2nd session. We were sitted in front of Friday’s when the hint came. The hint was ‘ please don’t rain on my parade’!! Subang Parade!! That’s what we figured. And she mentioned she’s at Nike, and opposite Friday’s is Nike!! So we rushed over to Nike but nope, no one was there. hmm… we searched awhile but did not find her. I got impatient and suggested that she could be in Klang Parade. Dang. I was so wrong when the 2nd clue came on air. She’s in Subang!! AARGGHH!! but it was too late coz we were already heading towards Klang. Rushed back to Subang but was too late as someone already found her. Again, failed coz did not trust my gut feeling.

Sigh. I really should learn to trust my gut feeling and use less brain.

But it was a very very fun day and we were each RM 400 richer. So I guess we cannot complain for not winning the 2nd time πŸ˜‰

Before I end, I would like to thank my girlfriends who accompanied me or shared my joy in chasing the Shopaholic. Suet, Nic, Mandy and Jamie. Thanks! It’s the first time I’m being so crazy to actually participate in such a game πŸ˜€ . But it’s damn fun!! Also to Francis for leading the way to Cheras Leisure Mall albeit we didn’t manage to hunt her down before someone else did.

And the hunt continues…. if she’s around KL city center la πŸ˜›




2 responses

21 07 2007
Portal Porto Alegre

Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

14 08 2007

Heyya I caught her at Atria πŸ™‚ My friends caught her at BB Plaza, Summit and KLCC. We split the cash too as it was team effort πŸ™‚

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