I’m being quoted…

15 06 2007

Update: I got quoted again (see image 3 below) and I’m not pleased with it! Just don’t understand why they bother about the things I say. Maybe they are just too please that I made Singapore seemed like heaven. As positive as I made Singapore seem to be, there ARE negative aspects to living in Singapore. It’s just that I prefer to highlight the good points!! So stop making it sound as if I’m betraying my nation!! grrr…

It’s the first time I’m being quoted online by some stranger and I’m having qualms about it 😐 I’m not sure if being quoted for ‘The Great Singapore Sale‘ entry is a thumbs up. On one hand, I feel good because someone actually thought I wrote something worth deliberating about and being quoted like this definitely causes the traffic to my blog to increase by leaps and bounds. On the contrary, I feel uneasy because that particular article I’m being quoted on somehow made me seem like a backstabber to my nation. Sigh.

Nevertheless, I believe I should feel guilt free as I only wrote the truth with no intention of praising Singapore and disgracing Malaysia or vice-versa. Maybe someday I’ll just write an article on the reasons I love being Malaysian. Just to even things out 😀 .

Anyway, here are the two sites where I got quoted. I know it’s no big deal but still… 🙂

1. Global Voices


2. Tomorrow.sg


3. Talk19.wordpress.com