GoodBye Snow

30 05 2007


My mom calls her Snow. I call her Mice. At times I call her Stuart Little despite her being female.

I loved watching her climb the papaya tree which such agility.

I loved how warm and soft her body feels on my lap.

I loved being entertained watching her catching the other cats/dogs’ tails.

I loved laughing at how she would run so fast and crash into the grill.

I loved how she would behave like an adult cat when she’s only a kitten.

Most of all, I loved the uniqueness of her eyes, the right being blue and the left being grey, and her super-long tail which made her looked like a white mice.

Short-lived, barely 2 months, today, she was ran over by a car. With blood splattered on the road from her head and legs, she lay there motionless. I shed a tear or two as I bade her farewell.

GoodBye Snow, GoodBye Mice. It was a joy having you as part of the family.

And it’s back to my three doggies and five cats… 🙂




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