Kaypo (Busybody) or Concerned?

12 05 2007

I’m just so frustrated with the way road users behave on the road. No, I’m not talking about recklessly speeding or tail gating. I’m more concerned with the way Malaysians love slowing down and jamming the road whenever there’s an accident on the opposite side of the road!

Sure, it’s always interesting to watch real-life drama unfolding in front of your eyes and such incidents are rare. After all most of the drama we grew up watching are from that idiot box. But still! To have like 20 idiotic cars stopping at the side of the road to feed their curiosity is a bit too much.

Before I ramble on further, perhaps its better for me to paint the picture first. What happened was, awhile ago there was an accident of some sort on Federal Highway. I’m not sure how serious it was but from the look of it, with a fire truck, policemen and 4 ambulances there, I think it’s pretty serious. From my quick gaze of the situation, I could see that it involved a tanker carrying liquefied gas but that’s all I could make out of it cause apart from these main characters, many kelefeh (extras) like cars, motorcycles, lorries and unnecessary humans were there to demonstrate their teamwork. Not to mention to add to the confusion and the strawberry jam that is building up on both sides of the roads! They can actually park their vehicles as far as 50m away just to ‘participate’ in that incident! People from the opposite side of the accident are so helpful that they parked their cars at the opposite side and ran over to give their moral support.

This is not the first time I’ve come across such an incident and I know I’m not the only one to come across such scenarios where the unity of the human race are demonstrated so strongly. It’s not that I have no heart or I’m such a calm person that even if Godzilla picks me up I’m still at peace. No. It’s just that I don’t see the point of slowing down or stopping. Okay fine, slowing down for a peek or two within a few seconds is acceptable but to have the traffic come to a standstill is ridiculous! What do they hope to achieve by stopping? Unless they are doctors or paramedics, I don’t see what extra help they can give the firemen, police and doctors that were already there. I mean come on, even if you don’t have common sense, I’m sure you’ve watched a drama where doctors tell the people not to crowd around the patient to avoid him being suffocated. Give that poor guy some space and leave it to the authorities lar!

Worse still, a few days ago something similar happened where the accident was on the other side but my side of the road jammed up and guess what? One car smashed into the car in front of him. Brilliant right? Was the thrill of watching some mishap worth the repairs and pains you risk enduring? If you are on some road like Cyberjaya (where you can’t even knock down a stray dog if you want to- says my colleague), then you can stop and record the whole life-saving incident all you want. But on a highway, be more considerate and move on lar. I really like the way they put up those high divider barriers (or whatever its called) between the roads on Penang Bridge. That would stop the ‘concerned’ people on the opposite side to slow down and watch when an accident occur on the other side. Somebody go suggest that to Samy Vellu to get it implemented on all major highways please.

Kayponess kills. Don’t do it.




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