Hola! It’s Number F.i.v.e.

6 05 2007

estherish dot wordpress dot com is unabashedly my fifth blog! My journey as a ‘fly by night’ blogger started out with Blogspot to which I had two deleted blogs, followed by my ‘long-abandoned’ third blog hosted with Blogdrive and my ‘still-around’ fourth blog at MySpace. And now, I have decided to start a fresh one with WordPress. Okay, let me give you a test on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist.

Knowing how I’ve switched blogs and blog hosts, what kind of person do you think I am?

Answer: (no cheating, pick an answer first)

(a) A person who loses interest fast.
(b) A person who is constantly trying out new things.

*note: (a) and (b) is not the same. You can lose interest but not try new things. 😛




If you chose (a): BOO! You’re a pessimist!
If you chose (b): YAY! You know me so well *blush*. Thanks for being an optimist.

LOL. This crappy quiz means nothing and both (a) and (b) are true. (Be nice, no throwing darts at me please).

I will prolly update this blog with a few backdated posts soon. Stay tune if you choose to 🙂

Till then,




8 responses

6 05 2007

i tink u ar scare of commitment..

6 05 2007


6 05 2007

o: Trust me, I’m not 😉

bernard: I think you meant A? hehe nyways, thanks for droppin by.

7 05 2007

constantly trying new things cause you lose interest fast ? 😛

7 05 2007

if u look deep enuf.. u will see that i am rite.. trust me..

8 05 2007

Is O your ex? he sounded like you turned him down as you’re afraid of commitment lol

well, i hope O is a guy as it has no indication here 😛 unless you are…

8 05 2007

satkuru: Yea you got that right!!!!! Smart boy!! LOL.

Pinkyfunny: Seah Kwee Yen, only gals like pink and it’s definitely not funny for a guy to like pink! 😀 cheers!

9 05 2007

Z is Z not A

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